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Thursday, July 19, 2012

scrap room declared disaster area!

my task for today (and probably the next week or so) is to try and calm the storm in our office/my scrap room!
my husband and son made me a new work space that you would be able to see in this picture if not for the mountain of scrap!!! ha ha hee hee! get it?! scrap!! instead of - well, you know!! I'm goofy! now my coffee is cold! ahhhhh! must have more!! 
when they put in my new desk (the old one is for sale) we were able to open the closet door in this room which could not be opened because the old desk blocked it! that was a year and a half ago... and we found a ton of old scrapbook stuff! papers, an album my son had started way back when, stickers and die cuts to name a few items we found! my desk looks like the closet threw up on it! ewwww!
but seriously, on the bright side - this is perfect timing because the local scrapbook store is having a "garage sale" where you can rent a table for $10 and sell all the scrapbook stuff you don't want or need anymore! you can earn credit for the store or just $$ if you like. The sale is in August so I have plenty of time (or so I think) to go through all my scrappy stash and weed out what I want to get rid of!
I am gonna scrap today as well so I'd better get started!:) blessings all!

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