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Thursday, August 30, 2012

an amazing blog...

by an equally amazing and talented scrapper friend! check out Tracey Sabella's blog:
this is a truly gorgeous LO with very awesome techniques! I have gotten to know a little bit about Tracey through the Scrapping Everyday Miracles blog when there was a design team call...and yes! I made the design team!!!! I am so excited and blessed to be a part of such an amazing and talented group of women who share a strong love for the Lord! I "met" Tracey in the green room on Facebook of SEM during the DT call. She is such a sweet and loving person who clearly puts the talents God gave her to good use through scrapbooking! Check out her blog and you'll see what I mean!
Today M.oms I.n P.rayer is meeting at my house to get the new school year started and prayed over! We will hopefully have some new moms to help us pray over our children and school district. I am excited to see God at work in all our lives and the lives of our children!
Yesterday was the Cross Country Kickoff at Parkway Central High School in Maryland Heights. I wasn't able to go ('cos I can't drive yet :( ) but Mike was able to go and got a few pictures for me:
Liam did really well - he didn't finish first but he didn't finish last either. In the middle is not a bad place to start his first year of cross country! He's in the front in this picture.
I am going to try and scrap a little today. I have an M.R.I. of my lower spine tonight to see if there is a problem that isn't allowing me to straighten my right leg. Hopefully the results will show that it will be something that can be easily fixed.
Blessings my scrappy and non-scrappy friends! Have a great day!:)


Tracey Sabella said...

What a great shot of your son running his cross country meet! Praying the the MRI will reveal good news. Congrats on making the DT at SEM. They are blessed to have your sweet spirit and talent on board. Thanks so much for your link and oh so kind works. :-) ~ Blessings, Tracey

Tracey Gregory said...

Whohoo! Great to hear!