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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

technique Tuesday!

many blogs and sites I follow have Tuesdays designated as "Technique Tuesday" where a design team member showcases a new or tried & true technique as a tutorial. well, that's not what this is!! for those of you who do visit my blog every once in a while you have seen me say how much I miss playing with my sewing machine because of having to be in a wheelchair! so I have tried it once and for me it was a success! somewhat! I mean for having to put the pedal thingy between my feet on the wheelchair it was a huge confidence booster! so on with my story or rather the layout I tried working on today with my sewing machine....I do try to visit as many blogs as I can when I log on in the mornings and a few weeks back I visited this blog: and wanted to try the chevron style this friend had going on! so here is what I created:
as you can see the lines are not as straight as I would like's hard for me to control the speed of the needle sewing with my foot on the pedal. Part of the M.S. or rather a symptom of it is the neuropathy in my lower body, mostly in my feet. In other words my feet tingle all the time, like they are asleep but just waking up. I know, it's not easy to understand! Another way I explain it is it's like putting on an extra small pair of pantyhose.....that's what it would feel like! Really! so there you have it! my own personal technique Tuesday! thanks for stopping by! 

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