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Thursday, August 15, 2013

boys will be boys!

so we went to a birthday party at a place where they have the indoor bouncy thingies! Our good friends son was turning 8 and we've known them a really long time. Awesome people! Well this next layout shows how boys like to be rough and tough and also how one adult likes to do the same thing only he is much bigger than the boys!

my husband is in the black shirt while the boys are in blue. My son does get a good one in on his dad but otherwise my husband was a man possessed!!  This was a very clean and simple page but I did end up hand stitching the title "ready? set? go! here's a close-up:

I enjoyed creating this layout but feel it's lacking an element like maybe borders on the sides or something like that. I must re-examine it and you may see a new and improved page in a little while! thanks for stopping by!

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Tracey Sabella said...

Great guy page!! Love the stitched title! ~ Blessings, Tracey

Garden of Grace