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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Been down and out awhile.....

So our computer has been down for 5 days and so have I actually. My M.S. has decided to flare-up a bit and I haven't been able to do much. So today is a new day and the home health care nurse comes tonight to start me on Solumedrol for 3 days. It's a form of steroids. Then I have my next infusion of new medicine next Tuesday. Good times I tell ya! Any way, I am looking forward to scrapping today and the next few days. I went to my M.S. support group last night at the library and it was a great time! We just sat and talked about nothing and everything! It was nice to bounce subjects off on other people in the same boat. Well that's the latest. Now I'm off to scrap! God bless you all!

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