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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

good morning!

     Today I am going to get back to scrapping! I took a few days off to refresh and revitalize my mind, what with the holidays come and gone and all. There are times when I can't stop scrapping and then there are those times when it's like nothing is happening! So I take a step back, look at the blogs and websites I follow fellow scrapbookers on and get new ideas, fresh inspiration and some energetic motivation! It happens to all of us at one point or another. But what I love about the art of scrapbooking is that you can go back to basics or scrap outside the box trying out new techniques all at the same time! It's amazing!


Heather M said...

I know what you mean about refreshing especially after the holidays. I usually feel wiped out creatively by the time christmas comes around.

Steffanie said...

After completing my last layout, I have been cleaning my scrap room, decluttering and doing a bit of purging. It's funny how the first of the year always makes you want to do this!