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Saturday, May 26, 2012

I'm back!

okay so long story, short - I could walk on the 17th but couldn't on the 18th! I haven't felt like doing much of anything 'cept lay around and feel sorry for myself. Had 3 MRIs this last week to see if I had any new lesions but there were none! that's good news - but still no reason why I can't walk. This week I have my regular infusion of m.s. meds and then that same day I get BOTOX injections in my legs!!! OUCH!!!! I have a ton to scrap about so I will keep busy rather than think about this "speed bump" as my DH and I call these episodes!
thanks to everyone for the prayers and kind words! your support is awesome!

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Kelly Foster said...

Kelly, I'm sorry to here you've had some setbacks :( keep your head up, I really hope they can figure out what's going on and a way to give you some relief!! I'm glad to see you are blogging and trying to stay positive! Take care! Oh, and congrats on your win over at Scrapfit!