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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

testing today!

today I have 3 MRIs to find out if there is an active lesion on my lower spine which may be causing me not to be able to walk. My legs stopped working last Friday and there has been a lot of pain! This has hit me hard since I have been doing so well on the new m.s. medicine I started taking almost a year ago. I know it's not a cure...I still had limitations but I was feeling a bit more normal than I have in like 3 years! I know God has got my back and the boys have been absolutely wonderful! I am truly blessed!
I'm happy to be able to get back to scrapping after a few tearful days and nights. My sincere thanks to my peeps at Club CK for their prayers, kind words, support and encouragement through my ongoing battle with m.s. Now I am going to have a coffee with my husband and get ready for testing later this morning! Blessings to all my fellow scrappers!

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