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Thursday, March 21, 2013

a tutorial up at SEM

"hidden journaling"

hi! kelly here with a quick tutorial to share with you! last year I did the following tutorial for a friend's blog:
While I'm sure there are many scrappers who love hand written journaling I, for one, am not one of those scrappers! I don't like my handwriting but I do feel it adds a personal element to the pages of my family's history. so how do I add "the story" to a page? well I'm glad you asked because that's what I have to show you today! There are many ways to hide or "disguise" your journaling or for that matter your handwriting. Many scrappers utilize their computers for different fonts and sizes. Me? I love hiding my handwriting and using my computer both! For example: this page has lots of hidden "treasures!"

I'll show you what I mean - this is an interactive page with hidden pictures and journaling. The first "flap" on the left has computer journaling and extra photos:  

pretty sneaky huh?! this is also a great way to add extra photos! I'm loving this LO and its "hidden" potential!  but wait - there's more! the middle "flap"  has even more to offer:

what's fun about these "flaps" is that you can use different elements to open them to show your hidden "treasures" like the buttons and floss on this flap and/or you can use ribbon that you may have in your stash!
the possibilities are endless! the last "flap" on this LO has journaling which is my own handwriting and extra photos:

there are just so many ways to "hide" elements on your LOs. Check out your local scrapbook store for envelopes that are pre-made where you can hide journaling and extra photos. Or you can make your own "pockets" like on this next LO:
I made a "pocket" on the right side of this LO that is hiding my journaling which is handwritten:

this has hopefully been a helpful little tutorial on the "hidden potential" of  your scrapbook pages and LOs. I know I had a blast in doing this and I hope you will too!

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