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Friday, June 15, 2012

not a great day!

last night the bathrooms - there are 2 - decided to flood!! we literally just stood and watched the upstairs toilet overflow! we couldn't do anything about it! so the plumber guy is here now and he "snaked" our drain! I snuck in the office to finish 2 LOs from CKC "Gimme Dat Bling!" class. I really enjoyed playing with the wired raffia and ribbon - I love bling!


Steffanie said...

Gorgeous! You should put that in a shadow box!

Mary Jo Rhoda said...

Very pretty layout, but I am so sorry about your toilets.
That is so frustrating!!

Erin Blegen said...

Very pretty! Love the purple and that nice big flower!!
So sorry about your toilet situation- ugh! I know how you feel- last summer we removed half of our roof to add an addition up top and for over a month we lived with plastic as our roof- and it rained SO MANY TIMES- I will never forget the first time, coming inside when a storm hit and just watching the rain pour into my house- I just stood there and cried!! Lol...
HOpe things are all good for you now though!
Take care,

Heather M said...

Love your LOs! The purple, ribbon, & bling!So Pretty!