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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

scrappy day!

     How was the weekend for everybody?! I say that like people are reading this! mine was fabulous I must say! Saturday was a nothing day and Sunday was busy! We went to church where God is working big time! then we skedaddled home to meet up with Josh and his dad for the Cardinals/Cubs baseball game! Mike got the tickets last minute at Boeing. We had great seats and my energy level wasn't too bad. It was an awesome game! The Cardinals won! It was their last home game of the season. I hopefully will be able to scrap it soon. So all in all it was a busy, busy day but in a positive way!
     So besides blogging, this is just a scrappy kind of day - it's really nice so the windows are open with a nice breeze coming through the house, I am working on a LO and have ideas for a few more. Now how many I'll actually get done is the question of the day! I'm gonna get to work!

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