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Saturday, October 22, 2011

fun and great day!

I had my 4th infusion of m.s. medicine last Tuesday and am feeling great! God is good! I have more energy and am walking a bit better! We went to Eckert's today and the weather was gorgeous! I was able to get on a big slide and slide down which was a ton of fun! and I was able to go on the hayride to go pick apples and pumpkins too! This was a really great day with friends and family! I was gonna scrap when we got home but all the activity wore me out. I was in the kitchen when Liam came running up the stairs from the basement freaking out about what he said was a bat! He wasn't sure but didn't want to go back downstairs to find out. So I went down the stairs to just about the bottom and looked at the window where Liam said he saw the bat and guess what? there was a bat!!! We didn't know what to do so our next door neighbor came over and him and Mike caught the bat in a mesh laundry bag and released it out back behind our fence! We have no idea how the bat came to be in our basement....but I got some good pics of it to scrap! LOL Tomorrow is church and I made a baked french toast casserole for Mike's class at church. At Eckert's I picked up some "spooky" pumpkins for the Pastor's Appreciation Lunch to make into centerpieces for it on Nov. 1st. It's a small way for me to serve the Lord by helping out. So I plan to hopefully scrap tomorrow 'cos Mike took me to Hobby Lobby yesterday and I picked up a few new papers for a few planned LOs! Yay! have a good night!

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