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Sunday, December 11, 2011

a big thank you!

     I want to thank the team at Creative Scrappers for the awesome giveaway posted this last week on their blog! You all ROCK! I didn't realize anything 'til we had just gotten home from picking out our Christmas wreath at Ted Drewe's! I logged on to Club CK and a fellow peep had convo'd me about seeing the news on the CS blog. I am so excited! I really enjoy the challenges and look forward to seeing what comes next to inspire and motivate my own scrappiness!
     We went to church today! It was really nice to see friends and spend time with them in community worship. The rest of the Christmas lights went up on our house today and afterwards we headed out to pick up our Christmas wreath! We drove around again to see Christmas lights only in different neighborhoods this time and wow! there are alot of Christmas lights on alot of houses this year! It was awesome! Here is a couple pics from tonight's adventure:

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