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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

not much

going on today...just a TON of activities! I met two moms from the M.I.T. prayer group I am a part of at the middle school and high school to drop off treats for the faculty for Christmas! M.I.T. stands for Moms In Touch...a group of parents who get together to pray for the students and faculty of our school district. This is the website: It's a wonderful time of fellowship and prayer each week and I love it!
     I am going to lunch with a good friend of mine in a few hours and then need to run some errands before school gets out. Tomorrow is a half day at school and the last day before winter break/holidays! I'm so excited for Christmas! I am picking up the kids tomorrow when school lets out and plan on taking them to Ted Drewe's for an early Christmas treat!
     We had our Sunday School Christmas party at church last Sunday and it was really wonderful to see some familiar faces that I haven't seen in awhile. The church is all prettied up with Christmas decorations and I am looking forward to the Christmas Eve service and there is also a Christmas morning service. I am excited! Hope everyone is having a great day! I hope to scrap this afternoon!

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